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“Take care of your body and have pride in it, as you were only given one”


Massage and personal training have many benefits both physical and psychological. Sports massage can help maintain the body, prevent injuries and loss of mobility, restore injured muscle tissue, improve movement efficiency, correct muscle and postural imbalances, boost performance and extend the overall life of your sporting career.

Personal training can essentially help you achieve the results you cannot achieve on your own. Your program is specifically tailored for you to lead you down the path of success.



Poor lifestyle habits, sustained posture, lack of exercise, poor diet, sleep duration, emotional state and repetitive movements are some common factors that can lead to adaptations in muscle length, weaknesses, stiffness and lack of range of motion. which in turn, can cause movement impairments, pain and injury. 

We focus on treating the cause of the pain rather then the pain itself and we do so by using a functional approach. The body moves as a whole and is interdependent on all three intrinsic views of function; physiological, biomechanical and neuromuscular. By understanding the complex interactions of structures and systems, This functional approach allows us to better understand the cause of the pathology rather than focus on the pathology itself. This is a paradigm shift from thinking only in terms of structure and not understanding true function.

We do this through soft tissue treatments, myoskeletal therapy, myofascial release and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) techniques.


Once the base is stable and solid, we can then give you the information, education, motivation and results to achieve your goals in an efficient, structured and fun way. We believe in variety, every human body is different, every one moves differently, has different strengths and weaknesses, come in different shapes and sizes, and have different mental battles. Thus we believe that we must adjust to suit our clients needs by any means necessary. You (Our clients) are an extension of ourselves, we will treat your difficulties as if they were our own and lead you on the path to a stable more fulfilling life.

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