“Devoting your entire life to something you are truly passionate about is one of the most fulfilling acts of life.“


From a young age I was heavily involved in sports. I did everything: soccer, running, swimming, diving, but it was Irish dancing that became my passion. Before I knew it dancing became my life and the rest is history.

Once you’re hooked the competitive Irish dancing world can easily consume you. I spent all of my time either dancing or studying, Oscar Wilde famously once said, “make some sacrifice for your art and you will be repaid.” I suppose I innately knew that would be true.

Irish dancing has become internationally recognized as a sport and is receiving a great deal of attention from the fitness and athletic community. Dancers are incorporating strength training programs into their daily routine, following nutrition plans and are more disciplined than ever. Things have evolved since my competitive days and I’m inspired to continue pushing the boundaries of our art form.

My drive for success and natural curiosity created a need for figuring out how I could hone my skills, to challenge both my competitors and my own limitations. I started to gain knowledge about strength training, nutrition, recovery and most important having the right mind-set. Through trial and error I eventually found a group of methods that helped me succeed and gave me the edge I needed. These lessons intertwined, shaped my career in Riverdance.

After many years of performing at the highest level and fine tuning my own professional skills I decided it was time to transition and dedicate my life into becoming a master of the body and mind so that I could give back to future generations of Irish dancers and athletes. I retired from Riverdance and began studying holistic sports massage therapy and personal training. I now hold a level 3 ITEC and NASM qualification as a personal trainer and fitness instructor as well as an ITEC Level 3 qualification in holistic and sports massage. I am fascinated by the functional complexities of the human movement system and will continue to study it until I have it mastered. I want to educate athletes and anyone inspiring to be better about gaining peak performance and provide them with the tools they need to push further.

My goal is to help others be the best that they can be.

James Greenan


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